Accountants can close books with confidence.

We built Rho with accountants in mind. From a bird’s eye view of account balances and spend to transaction-level details, Rho’s intuitive platform gives you much-needed visibility.
Rho’s platform prompts users to add receipts, labels, & notes to their transactions, giving you the information you need to close the books faster.
Automate workflows
Automate AP and simplify your month-end reconciliations.
Close books faster
From transaction-level data to automated GL and accounting syncs, close your books 2x faster with Rho.
Intuitive UX
Get up-and-running on Rho without having to be a ‘super user.

Why accountants
love Rho

Seamless syncing to accounting software
Flexible budgets and project labels for tracking spend
Custom mapping rules for accounting
Streamlined multi-level approval workflows
Permissions for multiple user-types
Expert support for accounting teams

Jen McAllister, CPA
Director of Accounting, Growve

"We have many divisions & partners and Rho makes it easy to manage all of the budgets from one single login. I particularly love the proactive and interactive support team at Rho.  They are always quick to respond and offer individualized solutions to unique business requirements."