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CEOs see everything they need

For CEOs, banking should be a non-event. With Rho's platform, you can see everything you need – including account balances and spending across teams – so you’re always in tune with how your business is doing.
Transparency into the numbers that matter most means
you can spend more time focusing on growth and strategy.
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Gain visibility
Get transparency into your cost centers,
with real-time visibility into spend across budgets, teams, and projects.
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Save money
Choose meaningful cashback or flex
up to 60 days interest-free. Plus, no account, card, or transaction fees.
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Plan for scale
Rho underwrites your business
holistically to find the highest possible
limit that increases as you scale.

Why CEOs choose Rho

credit limits & holistic underwriting
& no personal guarantees
ACH, wire, and card payments6
up to $75 million FDIC with the Rho Treasury Management Account
into all account balances in real time
from your dedicated Rho Specialist
Rho for CEOs
“We’re growing 120 percent year over year. But even though we have more clients, more output, and more cards in circulation, we’ve been able to keep our financial system steady thanks to Rho’s scalable platform. It’s cut our workloads in half and allowed us to minimize the time and resources we spend managing our finances.”
Amir Eldar,Co-founder and CEO, Anti Agency Group
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Rho is open to businesses with revenue greater than $1MM or that have raised institutional equity capital. Conditions and terms apply. No personal credit checks needed.

No personal guarantee or personal credit check required.