Fractional CFOs can drive value for clients

Rho’s platform helps you manage multiple clients in one place.
Custom budgets, labels, and projects create transparency in how your clients are spending, so  you can deliver insights and help your clients save money.
Toggle between entities
Manage multiple clients in one platform.
Save time
Use Rho’s intuitive platform to save time on each client.
Help clients scale
With Rho's platform, credit limits can scale as businesses grow.

Why Fractional CFOs trust Rho

Multiple clients managed on one platform
Permissions for multiple user-types
One-click accounting software syncing
Custom budgets and project labels for tracking spend
Streamlined multi-level approval workflows
Automated invoice creation and reconcilliation

Andi Ruda
Founder & CEO, Rainbow CFO

"I love how streamlined and easy it is to manage cash and budgets in one place for my clients who use Rho. The budget tool in particular really helps my clients manage their spending in between financial statement close periods without a need for additional tools or more of my time."