Prime Treasury – up to –%* yield

Put your funds to work and generate up to –––%* with Prime Treasury.

Think of Prime Treasury as an extension of your team – with our technology and expertise, we’ll protect your excess cash by investing in government securities.
Up to –––%* yield
on funds with Prime Treasury
Next-day liquidity
on U.S. Treasuries
and low duration portfolios

Automate your money in three easy steps.

Rho Prime Treasury is simple. We’ll manage your money while you focus on building your business.

Select your investment policy

We’ll make sure your policy is tailored to fit your business’ specific cash flow and security needs.

Connect your
bank account

Our technology monitors your operating account balances and automatically transfers money to your bank account so that you always have enough cash on hand.

We’ll do
the rest

We’re consistently scanning the markets and adjusting your portfolio to ensure your investments are structured for safety, liquidity, and yield.

Keep cash
safe & secure.

Your money’s safety is our priority. We’ll invest your funds across various creditworthy assets per your investment policy to protect your purchasing power.
Our broker-dealer partner, Interactive Brokers, is amongst the largest custodians in the U.S.

Stay liquid.

Customize your portfolio to make sure you have money when you need it. 
Easy access
Get next-day liquidity on U.S. Treasuries and 3-day liquidity with a wider investment universe. 
No barriers
Access cash without penalties or withdrawal limits.

Grow your funds.

We’ll serve as an extension to your team, actively monitoring market trends and adjusting your portfolio to get you market rates while prioritizing your safety and yield needs.  
Generate up to ––%* return on your idle cash with Prime Treasury
Fiduciary obligations
Prime Treasury is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor with fiduciary obligations to its clients.

Get full transparency.

Monitor your portfolio any time via the Rho dashboard for complete visibility into your assets.
No pooled assets
All assets are held individually and directly in your name.
Save time and money

Treasury Options

Designed with your best interests in mind. We manage this for you so you can focus on your business.
Total Deposits
Net Yield*

> $20M










This reflects expected net yield based on 90-day T-bill rates as of 1/29/24 and a 0.15% annual fee, which is offered for deposits of $20M or more. The maximum annual fee is 0.6%. Individual results may vary depending on the actual investment date and investment products selected. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Better together.

Rho's treasury management is part of our full suite of seamless spend and cash management solutions.
Corporate Cards
Maximize cashback on eligible purchases and take full control of company spend. Enjoy higher, stable credit limits with no personal guarantee.
Commercial Banking
A safer choice for deposits with up to $75 million in FDIC insurance via the Rho Treasury Management Account.
Accounts Payable
Automate everyday workflows, sync with accounting, and reconcile faster with no-fee, integrated AP tools.