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Rho is not a bank. Rho partners with FDIC-insured banks to offer banking products and services. Applying will not impact your personal credit score. Investment management and advisory services provided by RBB Treasury LLC dba Rho Prime Treasury, an SEC-registered investment adviser. RBB Treasury LLC facilitates investments in securities: investments are not deposits and are not FDIC Insured. Investments are not bank guaranteed, and may lose value. Investment products involve risk and past performance does not guarantee future results.
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Put your funds to work

Spend less time chasing yield and more time building your business.

Invest safely

Invest in government-backed treasury bills with next-day liquidity

Generate [autofill] yield

Access market-leading yield on balances

Monitor balances

See your Rho Treasury balance, holdings, and yield in real-time.
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“We deposited funds from our recent fundraise directly into our Rho Treasury account, allowing us to earn additional months of runway, a golden resource in the world of startups.”
Alex Marcus, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Optimize your excess cash with Rho today

Rho gives founders confidence their cash is earning market-leading rates.

See balances and holdings any time

Easily move funds between Rho Checking, Savings, and Treasury

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Reject the legacy way of finances.

Rho enhances every finance process, unlocking time and value.

From manual finance

Your bank lets your idle cash sit still, offering no assistance until your revenue hits tens of millions.
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To frictionless finance

All size companies get automated treasury management that actively puts their idle cash to work.
Automated treasury management that actively puts their idle cash to work


Designed with your best interests in mind. We manage this for you so you can focus on your business.
Total Deposits
Net Yield*

> $20M










*This reflects expected net yield based on 90-day T-bill rates as of [DATE] and an annual fee which ranges from 0.15% for deposits of $20M or more to 0.6% (the maximum annual fee) for deposits under $2M Individual results may vary depending on the actual investment date and investment products selected. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.


See answers to common questions we get from customers about Rho Treasury.

Is my business eligible for Rho Treasury?

Rho Treasury is available for all Rho clients that invest $500K or more (subject to compliance review). Reach out to your Client Service representatitve to learn more.

What yield can I expect with Rho Treasury?

Rho Treasury gives you market rates of return. Best way to see possible APY is viewing the table above.

How much does Rho Treasury cost? How do you make money?

Rho Treasury is an RIA (registered investment advisor) and charges a management fee.

We cover all transactions costs to build and manage your portfolio. Plus, we cover any wire fees to move money out of Rho Treasury account.

How fast can I access my funds?

U.S. Treasury bills are next-day liquid during market opening hours. If you initiate a withdrawal, funds will settle in your connected bank account the next day.

If you initiate your withdrawal after 4 p.m. EST or on a Friday, there may be a small delay. Markets close after 4 p.m. EST, and there is no wire movement on Saturday or Sunday.

You can also externally connect bank accounts to Rho Treasury to monitor balances in real-time.

Where are my cash and investments held?

When you use Rho Treasury, your cash and investments are held in your companies name at our custodial partner, Interactive Brokers, LLC.

Is Rho Treasury FDIC insured?

No, securities-based portfolios do not have FDIC insurance. However, it is worth knowing that the FDIC insurance fund buys US Treasury bills to protect deposits.

That means you are investing in the same product a US government agency uses. You can buy unlimited amounts of US Treasury bills, including more the equivalent of more than $250K (which is the FDIC deposit insurance limit per depositor, per insured bank limit, for each account ownership category).

If you are more interested in FDIC deposit insurance, explore the Rho Business Savings Account because it can provide up to $75M in FDIC deposit insurance coverage per depositor.

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