We Solve Finance For
Growing Companies.
Rho gives your team all the finance tools necessary to build, grow, and scale your business.
Corporate Cards
Expense Management
Accounts Payable
“A winning formula is a mix of better rates, best-in-class service, and sleek technology.”
“....Offer managers deep insight and analytics into their business’ performance ”
“they are...not just putting on a new digital layer on processes but actually rethinking how banking is provided to their customers.”
BankingCorporate CardsGlobal PaymentsExpense ManagementAccounts Payable
Commercial-Grade Banking.
Accounts Open in minutes.
Use our flexible checking account for everyday operations, and safely store up to $75 million of reserve capital in our treasury management accounts.
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Corporate Cards for your Entire team.
Up to 1% cashback on every purchase.
Grant and control spending for every team member with Rho’s physical and virtual corporate cards.
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Rho Business Banking asked the right questions upfront to understand our business from the get go. I have never had a banking experience like this in my entire career.”
Corbett Drummey, Co-founder & CEO
Pay Anyone, Anywhere.
Zero Hidden Fees.
Send money for free with unlimited domestic ACH and wire payments. Use our international network for global transfers.
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Control Your Expenses.
Manage Receipts Seamlessly.
Team members can upload receipts, invoices, and documents from their own customized account. Create a login for every team member and maximize accountability.
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Make payables easy and painless with team collaboration.
Set team permissions so employees can schedule and upload bills. Managers can approve payments instantly.
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Connect seamlessly to QuickBooks.
Prepare, categorize, classify, and label all spending. Sync your Rho account to QuickBooks automatically.
1-to-1 Advisors
We’re here to serve you.  With your Rho accout, you’ll be assigned a dedicated business banker you can call anytime.
Capital Markets Specialists
With Rho, you get direct access to our world-class credit team to help fuel your expansion.
Bank like the fortune 500
Speak with a member of our team to get started with Rho Business Banking in just minutes.
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