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Our Mission.

Rho is on a mission to take the friction out of finances. Today, the financial services companies rely on to manage their accounts, expenses, and payments have become overly fragmented and complex—and, too often, juggling multiple third-party platforms gets in the way of growth instead of enabling it.

That’s why Rho is putting a stop to banking in silos and integrating all the financial tools businesses need on one easy, centralized platform. It’s all about minimizing manual workflows for maximum impact.

Modern teams deserve better.

credit terms.

Our name comes from the Greek letter (ρ) used in investments to show how the value of an option changes along with interest rates—but it’s really a metaphor for how Rho is the x-factor for scaling your business, freeing up the time, energy, and capital you need to invest in your future.

Strong businesses are built on strong finances—and we’re here to prime our customers for success.

Our customers.

The world’s most innovative companies run on Rho. Learn why finance teams love us.

Michelle Kwon
Head of Operations and Finance at Runway
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Our investors.

Dragoneer is an investment firm that focuses on disruptive businesses and experience at the intersection of public and private markets.
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Rho raises $75M Series B led by Dragoneer.
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Mark Riskowitz
Rachel Liverman
Nevin Shetty
“Rho has enabled Caraway’s expansion. They adapt to our growth, provide superior products and allow us to optimize our operating expenditure.”
Mark Riskowitz,Head of Operations atCaraway
“There was just a wow factor. Working with Rho feels much more personal, much more human.”
Rachel Liverman ,Co-Founder at Glowbar
"Instead of managing 3 different systems, we run our Banking, AP, and Corporate Cards on Rho’s integrated platform, greatly improving our efficiency and effectiveness."
Nevin Shetty,CFO at Fabric
Rho careers.

We combine industry-leading technology and user-focused talent to reimagine corporate finances and scale the world’s most innovative companies. Join us!