Meet Rho

Rho is the financial automation platform that helps finance teams maximize time for strategy. Our platform offers checking accounts, corporate cards, and AP automation that automates busy work, speeds up accounting, and controls spending.
Our mission

Rho is on a mission to take the friction out of finances1. That’s why we’re putting a stop to banking in silos2 and integrating all the financial tools businesses need on one easy, centralized platform3.

It’s all about minimizing manual workflows for maximum impact.
Today, the financial services companies rely on to manage their accounts, expenses, and payments have become overly fragmented and complex.
Juggling multiple third-party platforms gets in the way of growth instead of enabling it.
Michelle Kwon
Head of Operations and Finance

“I’m always looking for ways to streamline core aspects of my job. Now that we’re handling most of our spend through the Rho Card, charges are automatically debited and reported, and it shaves at least five hours off my weekly to-do list.”


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Rho is not a bank. Banking services and cards issued by Webster Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.