at Rho.

Pricing at Rho

Our Fees

Same-Day ACH Fee
Domestic Wire Fee
International USD Wire Fee*

The recipient may be subject to fees by their banks and correspondent banks.

FX Fee
0.5% for most currencies
0.75% for Asia-Pacific currencies
Bill Pay
Additional cards and users
ATM Fees
Rho Business Banking does not support ATM withdrawals.
Card Transactions
$0 domestic
$0 international

Please note: international transactions do not earn cash-back.

Wire Recall Fee
Rho Account (Checking) APY
FDIC insurance coverage per client Rho Account
FDIC insurance coverage per client Treasury Management Account
Up to $75mm
Account minimum balance
$50k for domestic-owned companies
$100k for internationally-owned companies
Remote check deposit limit
$250k, with higher limits available
Permitted withdrawals per month from Rho Treasury Account