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Rho General

What is Rho?

Rho is a digital finance platform for businesses, offering corporate cards, expense management, business banking, and AP – all managed in one intuitive dashboard. Behind the platform is an expert support team ready to help businesses safely collaborate on finances for greater speed, savings, and control.

What does my business get with Rho?

Rho’s all-in-one platform includes:

  • Fee-free banking and global payments
  • Corporate cards with flexible float and meaningful cash back
  • Automated accounts payable
  • Powerful budgeting, reporting, and automated accounting
  • Dedicated Rho Business Banking specialist and expert support 7 days a week
Why is the company named Rho?

Our name comes from the Greek letter (ρ) used in investments to show how the value of an option changes along with interest rates—but it’s really a metaphor for how Rho is the x-factor for scaling your business, freeing up the time, energy, and capital you need to invest in your future.

Strong businesses are built on strong finances—and we’re here to prime our customers for success.

Is my business eligible to apply?

To be eligible for Rho, your business must be incorporated in the United States. We do not offer services to sole proprietorships or unincorporated businesses.

Does Rho charge fees?

Rho does not charge platform fees, card fees, or global payment fees including ACH, SWIFT wires, and checks.*

There are no late fees or interest charges on the Rho Card, and our accounts payable feature is free. Rho offers FX transfers at a flat 1% for 32 different currencies. For more information, please visit our Pricing Page.

*International wires in USD can be subject to additional fees set by recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks, in addition to the SWIFT network.

What customer support does Rho offer?

Rho provides world-class service, regardless of your company's size. Every Rho customer is assigned a dedicated Rho specialist that gets to know your business inside-out to help you take charge of your finances. We also offer live, expert support via chat or phone 7 days a week, during the hours of 8AM and 9PM EST.

What are the requirements for a Rho Account?

All Rho applicants are required to provide business information and key documents. Typically, required documents include:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Company bylaws
  • EIN letter
  • Beneficial owner information
  • Additional documents and information where applicable

For companies applying for Rho credit, our underwriting team will require additional financial information. If you have any questions as you fill out your application, you can contact a member of Rho’s support team through the chat function in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Rho Card

Is the Rho Card a charge card?

Yes the Rho Card is a charge card and does not require a personal guarantee. The card balance is required in full on your payment due date. You may not elect to carry over any balance from one statement period to the next.

What are the payment terms?

Rho’s first-of-its-kind corporate card allows you to tailor your credit terms quarterly to meet your evolving cash flow needs. Maximize cashback on eligible purchases and take full control of company spend.

How does Rho determine a credit limit?

Rho’s holistic approach to underwriting allows us to find you a higher, scalable credit limit that increases with your company’s growth. Your credit limit is not tied solely to your cash balance or last year's revenue but instead depends on several factors, such as revenue growth, spending patterns, and balance sheet liquidity. We work with you to increase your credit limit as you grow.

What rewards does the Rho Card offer?

At Rho, we understand that cash is king, so we offer simple, meaningful cashback, depending on your credit terms. We put the money right back into your business's pocket to boost your bottom line and unlock your next stage of growth.

Rho customers can earn extra cash back through Mastercard’s World Elite Business program. With Mastercard Easy Savings, you’ll automatically receive meaningful cashback on qualifying advertising, technology, travel, and entertainment, including 4% cashback at more than 20,000 restaurants and hotels across the United States.

How do I redeem my rewards?

At Rho there are no complex points schemes, lock-up periods, or convoluted redemption requirements. Accrued rewards are automatically deposited into your Rewards Account one to five days following repayment of your Rho Card (both scheduled and interim repayments). To redeem rewards, simply transfer a specified dollar amount or the full reward balance from your Rewards Account to your Primary Operating Account.

Can I add my Rho Card to Apple and Google Pay?

Yes, you can add your virtual or physical Rho Card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay Wallet for a quick, contactless, and secure way to pay.

Does Rho require a personal guarantee?

No. Rho does not require a personal guarantee or a personal credit check, meaning business owners are not personally liable for their business accounts.

Is the Rho Card unsecured?

Yes. The Rho Card is unsecured, which means we do not place a lien on your business’ assets when you open an account.

Does the Rho Card work internationally?

Yes. The Rho Card works anywhere Mastercard is accepted with no foreign transaction fees.

Do I have to use Rho as my primary bank account to use the Rho Card?

No. You may pay down your Rho Card from an external bank account via easy third-party ACH pulls. However, using Rho as your primary bank account could qualify you for a higher credit limit on your card.

Does Rho offer employee corporate cards?

Yes. Rho offers unlimited virtual and physical cards at no added cost. You can issue a card to each employee, add them to a department budget, and set custom expense limits & restrictions per card to easily supervise all charges. Collect receipts with ease and change, lock or cancel a card at any time. Rho gives you full control over and visibility into company-wide spend.

Is there an annual card fee or fee per card?

No. There are no fees associated with the Rho Card. That means: no annual fees, no per card fees, no interest or late fees, and no foreign transaction fees. See our Pricing Page for a full breakdown.

How do I apply for a Rho card?

You can apply for a Rho Card by following the simple steps in our sign-up process. Here we will ask questions to help us determine your eligibility such as your desired Rho credit limit, debt details, and current credit cards. To better understand your business, Rho also asks for details about your company structure and for important business documents including: Articles of Incorporation, company bylaws, and EIN letter. We also require you to share your beneficiary owners and additional supporting documents where applicable.

How do I raise my credit limit with Rho?

The Rho Card is designed for growth companies. You could see a credit boost when you do any (or all) of the following:

  • Move your main operating account from another bank to Rho.
  • Start using Rho as your primary (or exclusive) corporate card. Card spend outside of Rho could affect the maximum limit we can offer you.
  • Connect your accounting books and bank accounts for real-time monitoring. This is the best way for Rho to up your limit and provide credit accommodation when needed.

Expense Management

Does Rho offer expense management?

Yes. Rho offers integrated expense management tools including:

  • A custom rules builder that allows you to digitize your expense policy
  • One-step receipt capture via SMS, email, or the Rho App
  • Automated expense processing and approval routing
How do I file an expense report?

Rho makes filing expenses easy. Instead of collecting all your spend into one expense report, you can file each expense in minutes as you spend.

Every expense is automatically reviewed through a customized rules engine set up by the company administrator. Rho will highlight what information is needed to complete your expense (a receipt, a note, etc.), and it will then be routed for approval if needed.

How do I file receipts?

The easiest way to attach receipts to your Rho Card transactions is to set up SMS or email alerts on your card. That way, every time you spend, you’ll get a text or an email that you can respond to with your receipt. You can also add receipts to your transaction in the Rho mobile app and on desktop.

Can I approve expenses in Rho?

Yes, there are 2 ways to approve expenses in Rho.

  1. Automated Approvals You can decide to automatically approve all expenses under a certain dollar amount, if they have all the required information like receipts and notes attached.
  2. Manual Approvals You can also set up approval tiers, based on dollar thresholds, to require 1 or more levels of approval on expenses.
Do Rho's expense management features cost anything?

No. Rho’s expense management features, just like much of the rest of our platform, come at no cost.


Is Rho a bank?

No. Rho is not a bank. Rho is a financial technology company built on a network of commercial banks, dedicated to helping organizations take charge of their finances.

At Rho, we provide banking, corporate cards, accounts payable, and more — all through one, intuitive platform. Banking services are provided by Webster Bank, N.A. and other partner institutions, supported by Rho's technology platform and services.

What do I need to set up a business checking account with Rho?

To be eligible for Rho, your business must be incorporated in the United States. We do not offer services to sole proprietorships or unincorporated businesses. Terms & conditions apply. To open a business checking account with Rho, we require general business information and key documents including:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Company bylaws
  • EIN letter
  • Beneficial owner information
  • Additional supporting documents where applicable
Does Rho offer Treasury accounts?

Earn interest on reserve capital and maximize yield with Rho’s Business Savings Account. Covered by up to $75 million in FDIC insurance, Rho’s Business Savings account helps your business reduce cash drag on auxiliary funds over $250K and earn interest.

Are my funds protected at Rho?

Rho provides access to checking accounts that are FDIC-insured up to $250,000. Rho's Business Savings accounts are FDIC-insured up to $75 million via a network of banks. For more information on deposit insurance, please visit the FDIC website.

How do I fund my Rho account?

Funding your Rho account is quick and simple. You can add funds to your account via ACH, wire, check deposit, or by linking to an external account and initiating a transfer.

Can I manage multiple business entities in Rho?

Yes. Rho is built to scale with you. With a single login you can add, manage, and toggle between multiple entities. For example, if you’re an accountant for multiple organizations, an investor with multiple portfolio companies, or have multiple business locations, you can manage them all with Rho and save precious time and money.

What payment options are available within Rho?

Rho makes it easy to pay anyone, anywhere. Send payments via ACH, domestic wire, international SWIFT wire*, FX transfer, check, or corporate card, with just a few clicks and no hidden fees. All Rho payments can integrate directly with your accounting software to reduce data entry and AP workloads. *International wires in USD can be subject to additional fees set by recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks, in addition to the SWIFT network.

Can I send physical checks with Rho?

Absolutely—you can send money by check to any individual or business. Simply select your payee, transfer account, date, and frequency (if you’d like to make it a recurring check), assign a budget, and attach an invoice and memo if desired. Rho will then generate a physical check made out to the specified payee and send it by mail to their address. Easy!

Can I do foreign exchange transfers with Rho?

Yes—and you avoid pricey markups and unnecessary FX fees. Convert USD across 36 global currencies at Rho’s low, flat rate of 0.6% across 27 currencies and 0.75% for 9 Asia Pacific currencies. Rho converts at mid-market rates with no added subscription costs.

Does Rho charge fees for sending ACH or Wire payments?

No. Rho does not charge fees for ACH, domestic, or international SWIFT wires. However, international wires in USD can be subject to additional fees set by recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks, in addition to the SWIFT network.

Does Rho have any physical locations?

No. Rho is a fully digital finance platform and does not support cash deposits or ATM withdrawals. You can deposit checks by remote deposit capture digitally. All Rho customers are assigned a dedicated Rho Specialist for hands-on, human support.

Accounts Payable

Does Rho’s Accounts Payable solution cost extra?

No. Rho’s Accounts Payable solution is included as part of Rho’s all-in-one, fee-free platform.

What is Rho’s dedicated bill inbox?

Rho customers can set up a dedicated email address for incoming bills. When vendors send invoices, they are automatically directed to your bill inbox. Invoice data and payment details are populated for you in Rho, and you can view and approve all bills and payments through the central Rho dashboard.

Can I automate the approval process?

Yes, Rho automates your approval workflows for quicker, safer bill pay. Simply customize multi-level approval rules for bills of any size, and Rho will automatically route bills to the right approvers based on factors like dollar amount. By enhancing both collaboration and oversight for your team, you can save valuable time, generate a clear audit trail, and gain greater control over your spend.

What payment options can I use to pay bills?

Pay your vendors fee-free by domestic ACH or wires, international SWIFT wires*, and unlimited checks. Say goodbye to AP SaaS fees and transaction fees and hello to easy, automated bill pay with Rho.

*International wires in USD can be subject to additional fees set by recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks, in addition to the SWIFT network

How does Rho’s AP reduce time-to-close?

Rho’s advanced accounting integrations help you close your books faster each month by syncing all invoices and payments directly to your accounting software and categorizing each expense automatically with your accounting codes, instantly reducing your AP workloads.

Accounting Integrations

Does Rho integrate with my Accounting Software?

Rho has direct integrations with leading accounting providers QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, allowing you to sync all transactions directly to your GL. Rho’s all-in-one platform connects your cards, banking, bills, budgets, receipts, audit trails, accounting, and more for the most comprehensive end-to-end business finance experience.

Not using QuickBooks or NetSuite? No problem. Seamlessly export a CSV of transactions from your Rho account and import them into your preferred ERP.

How does Rho automatically categorize expenses?

Rho allows you to tailor exactly how transactions appear in your NetSuite or QuickBooks Online GL with custom mapping rules for merchants, categories, budgets, labels, and cardholders.

Our native integration imports your accounting fields and Chart of Accounts into Rho, so you can create smart rules that automatically map transactions to the right GL codes, every time.

Does Rho connect via the Bank Feed?

No. Rho has built a native integration with QuickBooks Online and NetSuite to give your finance team maximum automation, accuracy, and control.

Rho’s integration allows you to sync all transactions to your accounting system, customize rules to auto-categorize expenses, and cut your close time in half.

Can I split transactions across fields in my accounting system?

Yes, if you use QuickBooks Online or NetSuite, you can seamlessly split bank or AP transactions into many—across departments, locations, jobs, project codes, or any other designated field.

Can I export Rho transactions via a CSV?

Yes. You can easily tailor CSV exports to your needs. Just choose your date range, and select all of the attributes you would like included—such as Amount, Type, User, Status, Balance, and more.

Rho is not a bank. Banking services and cards issued by Webster Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.