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Rho General
What is Rho?
What does my business get with Rho?
Is my business eligible to apply?
Does Rho charge fees?
What customer support does Rho offer?
What are the requirements for a Rho Account?
Rho Card
Is the Rho Card a charge card?
What are the payment terms?
How does Rho determine a credit limit?
What rewards does the Rho Card offer?
How do I redeem my rewards?
Can I add my Rho Card to Apple and Google Pay?
Does Rho require a personal guarantee?
Is the Rho Card unsecured?
Does the Rho Card work internationally?
Do I have to use Rho as my primary bank account to use the Rho Card?
Does Rho offer employee corporate cards?
Is there an annual card fee or fee per card?
How do I apply for a Rho card?
How do I raise my credit limit with Rho?
Expense Management
Does Rho offer expense management?
How do I file an expense report?
How do I file receipts?
Can I approve expenses in Rho?
Do Rho's expense management features cost anything?
Is Rho a bank?
What do I need to set up a business checking account with Rho?
Does Rho offer Treasury accounts?
Are my funds protected at Rho?
How do I fund my Rho account?
Can I manage multiple business entities in Rho?
What payment options are available within Rho?
Can I send physical checks with Rho?
Can I do foreign exchange transfers with Rho?
Does Rho charge fees for sending ACH or Wire payments?
Does Rho have any physical locations?
Accounts Payable
Does Rho’s Accounts Payable solution cost extra?
What is Rho’s dedicated bill inbox?
Can I automate the approval process?
What payment options can I use to pay bills?
How does Rho’s AP reduce time-to-close?
Accounting Integrations
Does Rho integrate with my Accounting Software?
How does Rho automatically categorize expenses?
Does Rho connect via the Bank Feed?
Can I split transactions across fields in my accounting system?
Can I export Rho transactions via a CSV?

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No personal guarantee or personal credit check required.