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Better business banking, from idea to IPO.

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Rho is a fintech company, not a bank. Rho partners with FDIC-insured banks to offer banking products and services. Applying will not impact your personal credit score.

Manage all spend and cash with Rho.

The powerful business banking platform backed by an award-winning customer support team.
Control spend

Business Credit Cards

Stop non-compliant spend in real time and automate your expense accounting.
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Earn yield

Rho Treasury

Earn up to 5.29%* yield on your 
cash with Rho Treasury.
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Open a Rho account today and get everything you need to run your business.
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This reflects expected net yield based on 90-day T-bill rates as of 01/30/2024 and a 0.15% annual fee, which is offered for deposits of $20M or more. The maximum annual fee is 0.6%. Individual results may vary depending on the actual investment date and investment products selected. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.*

Scale your finance operations as you grow.

Automate payables, expenses, or treasury with ease in one platform.
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"We sync Rho with Quickbooks Online seamlessly, which has saved the finance department 60 hours per month and delayed a planned headcount addition indefinitely."
"Rho allows a single person to take care of the entire company’s finances quickly - everything from checking account, AP, expenses, to treasuries."
"Now that our company has switched over to Rho for tracking our expenses, I don’t put off waiting until the end of the month to submit my expenses."

How we help make finance frictionless.

Rho enhances every finance process, unlocking time and value.

From manual finance

Your old corporate card can’t stop non-compliant spending and slows down your accounting team.

To frictionless finance

Your Rho Corporate Card keeps spend controlled and boosts the productivity of your finance team.

From manual finance

Your bank charges you for everything and won’t take your calls.
Example of many bank fees.

To frictionless finance

Organize your cash with multiple fee-free operating accounts and count on 24/7 customer support.
Example of well organized finance mobile app.

From manual finance

You lack real-time clarity over T&E spending and spend far too many hours chasing down late receipts and approvals.

To frictionless finance

File expenses fast, stop non-compliant spending in its tracks, and simplify month-end close.
Simple expense management.

From manual finance

You can’t pay a bill without paying $9 just to send it (late, that is).
Huge fee example.

To frictionless finance

Rho’s OCR processes your invoices, routes to approvers, and pays all your vendors in seconds, for free.
Accounts payable automation example.

From manual finance

Your bank lets your idle cash sit still, offering no assistance until your revenue hits tens of millions.
Treasury management, example of locked cash.

To frictionless finance

All size companies get automated treasury management that actively puts their idle cash to work.
Automated treasury management that actively puts their idle cash to work

Meet our customers

Hear from finance teams and employees made the jump from legacy providers to Rho.
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See how we help finance teams save time and an average of $2000 per employee annually.*

Boost your operational efficiency and bottom line with Rho today.
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Rho is not a bank. Banking services and cards issued by Webster Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.