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Date28 Sep 2021
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Don’t Get Caught Short — Enjoy Uninterrupted Spending with Rho

Automatic card payments
September 28, 2021
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Introducing Rho’s Automatic Card Payments that empower continuous spending for your business.

Outpacing a low credit limit is a challenge often faced by fast-growing organizations as their expenses increase. And, with this comes the time-consuming task of manually paying down their corporate card, sometimes daily, to avoid having important transactions declined. 

At Rho we understand that you need to spend to scale which is why we maximize your credit limit headroom with the Rho Card to help you keep up with—and celebrate—your growing demand. How? We do this by offering:

  1. High and more stable credit limits that scale as you scale 

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  3. Our new automatic interim card payments that ensure easy, interrupted spending, even as you near your limit

Read to learn more about our new set-it-and-forget-it rules that automatically pay a portion of your card's balance. Business spending has never been simpler.


The importance of uninterrupted spending

Paying down your corporate card to avoid going dark can become a tedious chore, especially if you need to do this daily.

We’ve seen this challenge time and time again, but most recently from our partners at Caraway. Consumer demand for their innovative cookware increased rapidly during 2020, causing them to outpace the low credit limits offered by their previous card provider. Suddenly, ad campaigns began cutting off without warning and precious time was spent every day paying down their card. 

“In some cases,” said Caraway’s Head of Operations, Mark Riskowitz, “we went half a day without any ad operations. In the direct-to-consumer, e-commerce world, that’s extremely harmful.”

Caraway moved to Rho to ensure they had a sufficient and reliable credit limit. With Rho, Caraway’s limit immediately jumped 300% and they activated Rho’s new Automatic Interim Credit Repayments to auto-pay a portion of their balance before they reach their limit. 

Today, Riskowitz enjoys knowing that Caraway has sufficient credit limit headroom for important transactions— especially when it matters most. So, let’s dive into how this works. 


Introducing Automatic Card Payments: Rho’s solution for continuous spending

Rho’s automatic card payments empower continuous spending by triggering a partial payment of your balance as you near your credit limit. 

This is a game-changer. When you no longer need to manually pay down your card every few days, or risk having important transactions declined, you can focus on other parts of your business.

Set up is as simple as 1, 2, 3: 

  1. Set a credit limit threshold that will trigger a payment. This is a percentage of your total credit limit, such as 95%. 

  2. 02
  3. Set a payment amount that will automatically be paid via an ACH pull. This is a percentage of your total credit limit, such as 5%. 

  4. 03
  5. Choose your account for the interim ACH pull payments. You may select a Rho operating account or use a linked 3rd party account.  

For example, using the figures above, if your credit limit is $100,000, once your credit balance hits $95,000, this will trigger an automatic payment of $5,000, paid via an ACH Pull from your selected account.


Customize your repayments rules to meet your spending needs

Each and every business has unique spending requirements. Rho’s Automatic Credit Repayments can be configured precisely to your needs. Simply set your repayment rules including your credit limit threshold or repayment amount to suit your organization best.

And that’s it! Your business can now enjoy frictionless card usage.

‍See our help article How to Set Up Automatic Card Payments for more information. Or, read our blog to learn about Rho's Unlimited Cash Back Rewards up to 1.75%.