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May 13, 2021
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February 21, 2024

We listened, learned, and built a better corporate card

If you’ve ever wanted more control over your finances, spent hours reconciling expense statements, or overshot your credit limit, you are not alone. We heard the same frustrations from companies over and over again - and that’s why we have reimagined the corporate card.

The Rho Card Business World Elite® MasterCard fuels the growth of your business with higher, stable credit limits, flexible terms, precise controls, and automated accounting. We take the work and worry out of corporate cards, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Finance teams run faster on Rho.

Control spend, boost efficiency, and earn up to 1.25% cashback with Rho.


Because your business deserves all the credit

To keep pace with your business’s potential, you need access to sufficient credit that supports your spend and doesn’t fluctuate on a frequent basis - so you’ll never be caught short on important transactions.

Rho makes that happen. A holistic approach to underwriting allows us to find you a higher and stable credit limit that scales with your company’s growth.

Kitchenware innovator Caraway, used to have to pay their card down every day to avoid overdrafts and disruptions to their operations. With the Rho Card, their credit limit has increased 300%, and it continues to scale with their business.

“Rho has enabled Caraway’s expansion,” said Mark Riskowitz, Head of Operations at Caraway. “They adapt to our growth, provide superior products and allow us to optimize our operating expenditure.”

Because one card doesn’t fit all

We know all businesses run differently, manage cash differently, and have different needs throughout the year. But until now, businesses have been bound by the same rigid credit terms.

That’s why our flexible terms let you tailor your cash back and repayment terms each quarter to meet your changing financial priorities and optimize your cash flow.

When you want to maximize rewards, you can earn meaningful cash back with our one-day card. Or if you need to account for seasonality, you can increase your float by extending up to a total of 60 days to pay (monthly billing period + the repayment period of up to 30 days). Your business, your choice - the Rho card lets you manage your capital, throughout the year.

Because your business plays better as a team

Building a culture of transparency, accountability, and inclusion while retaining complete control of your spend, at scale, was a difficult feat...until now. The Rho card makes it easy to issue, track, and manage spend so you can equip your team - without the headaches of a traditional card program.

Rho allows unlimited physical and virtual cards at no-fee, so you can issue one to anyone in your company, instantly. Meanwhile, built-in spend controls allow managers to set precise limits and categories restrictions, to help ensure only authorized charges are made.

For added security and segmentation, you can create a card for each recurring expense such as Facebook Ads, SaaS subscriptions or Amazon orders.

Cards can then be easily assigned to budgets and labels for increased oversight into spend by project, budget, department or even customer - helping to create clear, comprehensive tracking for your business.

Because accounting should be quick and painless

Legacy corporate card programs can be messy. Finance teams may be unaware of charges until after they’ve occurred, managers track team spend on clunky spreadsheets, and departments wait on monthly reports to gain insight on budget performance.

With the Rho Card, you can automatically track and report transactions in real time, so you can see when (and where and how) your team is spending, all on a centralized dashboard. Our platform also syncs directly with accounting tools for easy reconciliation.

Our friends at Corro remember the days of having to constantly monitor and troubleshoot their finances at their old bank. With Rho’s streamlined solutions, those same tasks become automated.

“With Rho, I save time on all my financing and accounting tasks,” said Corro COO Drew Rudebusch. “The efficiency Rho offers has completely changed how we run our business.”

Because we can (and want to) help

We want to support the growth of your business, so we don’t charge foreign transaction fees or annual fees. And our cards are unsecured, meaning we don’t require a personal guarantee or place a lien on your business assets.

Instead, we offer you high-touch service and round-the-clock support from our team of specialists. Whatever your question, whatever your need, we’re here to guide you.

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