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As an up-and-coming business, Glowbar wasn’t getting the support they needed from their old, traditional bank.


Rho offers Glowbar an intuitive digital banking platform with customizable controls, allowing them to easily tackle finances across entities.

Facing Forward

Rachel Liverman founded Glowbar to provide affordable, 30-minute facials from expert estheticians, tailored to customers’ goals. When they started in 2019, Liverman had just one studio, but knew they’d be scaling fast. That meant finding an attentive financial partner that could keep up with and fuel their growth.

Rachel Liverman

Founder + CEO


Spotty Service

Liverman recalls how, as a small business, Glowbar’s previous bank wasn’t invested in their success.

“With bigger banks, even if you have a ten-year relationship, they don’t pick up your calls or treat you like you matter.”

As studios multiplied, Glowbar wanted to enable new managers to take charge of their finances. For Liverman, Rho was a perfect fit for the collaborative business model they envisioned.

“We happened to find Rho just as we were starting that process,” she said. “You could say the timing was serendipitous.”


Effortless Team Banking With
 Multi-Entity Support

Glowbar now uses Rho to manage their finances across 4 entities as well as physical and virtual corporate cards. Throughout their partnership, Glowbar’s team has grown from four to 40, with Rho matching them every step of the way.

As they’ve opened new locations, Glowbar has set up an account for each studio. Now, managers can take ownership of their P&L, oversee balances and transactions, and gain insight into how their studio is performing. At the same time, executives feel secure using Rho’s built-in controls and budgeting tools to monitor access and hold managers accountable.

“As a multi-unit retail company it’s awesome for our team to feel they have ownership over an account. Partnering with Rho enables that. Between all the user controls, you can really tailor it to your business needs.”

An Intuitive Platform That Saves Time
 and Money

For Liverman, onboarding new employees to Rho’s platform and assigning corporate cards has been quick and seamless.

“Rho’s intuitive user experience is what got us hooked. It’s probably the one software we use where we don’t have to train people, and the onus is not on leadership to create transparency and accessibility.”

She estimates Rho saves Glowbar’s leadership 2 hours per week by allowing managers to tackle some of their finances independently. And they’ve discovered extra perks in the process. For instance, Liverman loves that Rho doesn’t charge for wire transfers.

“It’s a small detail,” she said, “but the fact that we don’t pay $25 per wire is huge. We wire out all the time, and it’s just a cash cow for most banks.”

Glowbar is excited to keep exploring Rho’s business banking suite and plans to try the Accounts Payable feature next. "We don't use bill.com any more, we do everything with Rho."

A True Partnership With a Glowing Future

So far, Rho’s attentive service has brought Glowbar a long way. Liverman noticed the difference right off the bat.

“There was just a wow factor. We were small when we started with Rho, but they treated us like a top client. Working with Rho feels much more personal, much more human.”

Today, Glowbar is working on coast-to-coast expansion, and they hope to reach 100 studios before long. Through it all, Liverman expects to have Rho by their side.

“We’re going to need a strong banking partner as we go nationwide, and we’re confident that Rho will get us there.”

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