For Outstanding Foods, Rho’s Effortless UX Hits the Spot

How Rho’s flexible corporate cards, intuitive banking solutions, and responsive customer service help a plant-based food company streamline their finances




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The Solution

Outstanding Foods operates both DTC and wholesale business sales channels, and they needed a committed financial partner that could handle their differing needs throughout the year.

Rho got to know Outstanding Foods’ business inside and out and offered them a simpler, more rewarding way to manage their finances—not to mention top-notch customer service.

About The Client
Addictively delicious, wholesome snacks
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Outstanding Foods makes healthy, plant-based alternatives to everyone’s favorite foods without compromising on flavor. Co-founded by a long-time vegan and a classically trained chef, they’ve cooked up treats like PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds and Outstanding Puffs—a fresh take on Cheetos.

In both the DTC and wholesale channels, their products have really taken off, appearing in major grocery retailers like Whole Foods, Walmart, and 7-Eleven all in the company’s first year.

The Challenge
High standards

Because their DTC and wholesale arms have different sales cycles and cash flow demands, Outstanding Foods needed a financial partner that could understand the nuances in their business.

According to their VP of Finance, Will Finkelstein, they need a partner that provides the personalized, flexible support the high-growth company needs to truly thrive.

“As an early-stage company, traditional banks treat you like a small business,” said Finkelstein. “We were looking for a great banking partner with exceptional customer service that could really respond to our growth.”

They soon began moving their finances over to Rho—and they haven’t looked back since.

The Solution
A healthy, hands-on partnership

Now, Outstanding Foods manages their corporate cards and commercial accounts through Rho, and enjoys a closer, more attentive relationship.

“Rho really listens to client feedback and adapts in the right way,” said Finkelstein. “They offer a phenomenal user experience with great technology and a team of industry experts. It makes my job easier, saves time, and provides deeper insights into our company spend.”

What’s more, Rho makes it easy for Outstanding Foods to leverage finances toward further growth. “Moving funds from account to account is simple and straightforward with Rho,” said Finkelstein. “And it’s great to be able to earn interest on our cash reserves with Rho’s Treasury Management account—especially considering how low rates are nowadays.”

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“Rho makes technology easy. Compared to janky traditional banking and cards platforms that take too long to load or require too many steps, Rho’s UX is light years ahead. They know how finance and accounting teams want to operate.”
Will Finkelstein,VP of Finance
A promising beginning

For Finkelstein, getting started with Rho was so seamless, he barely remembers onboarding.

“Integrating with Rho was unmemorable in the best possible way,” he said. “It was as if their platform had always been a fundamental part of our finance operation.”

And when Outstanding Foods set up a Rho Card for business expenses, Rho got to know the company inside and out and found them the best possible credit terms to boost their cash flow—including tens of thousands of dollars per year in cash back rewards.

“Rho was both speedy and thoughtful when it came to underwriting our business and determining our credit limit,” said Finkelstein. “They quickly understood our DTC and wholesale channels, analyzed our growth, and interpreted how our industry and business continues to evolve.”

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User-friendly finances

Since partnering with Rho, juggling the high-friction financial tasks of a high-growth omnichannel business has been effortless. “Rho makes technology easy,” said Finkelstein. “Compared to janky traditional banking and cards platforms that take too long to load or require too many steps, Rho’s UX is light years ahead. They know how finance and accounting teams want to operate.”

Better still, Rho’s intuitive tools and centralized dashboard allow the Outstanding Foods team to gain a holistic view of company-wide spend and take greater control of financial planning.

“Rho has enabled incredible efficiencies in our finances through proper expense management."

"We probably save ten hours per month thanks to Rho’s technology, from the speed of entering vendor data to automated and fee-free wire transfers, to the seconds it takes to issue cards to new employees. That may not be as headline-grabbing  as our revenue growth—but it’s just as important.”

Productive team controls

According to Finkelstein, the flexibility of the Rho Card means Outstanding Foods can issue unlimited physical and virtual cards across their team and easily track expenses—making reconciliation a breeze.

“The way we’re able to delegate cards to specific team members or expense channels and organize our spend has really streamlined our accounting.”

For example, they’ve moved all their digital ad spend to the Rho Card and assigned separate virtual cards to each ad platform. As business travel and trade shows have picked up, they’ve even started distributing physical cards to employees to use on the road, with charges appearing in real-time on Rho’s dashboard.

“On the front end, our accounting team can distinguish between expenses without having to ask. It gives us much greater control—as opposed to having to chase down the reason and receipt for every charge at the end of the month.”

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What’s cooking next

As Outstanding Foods scales their business, their team, and their plant-based food platform to additional product lines, they’re confident Rho will play a big role in their future growth.

“As our revenue grows and our expenses grow, so will our team,” said Finkelstein. “We know the efficiency of managing our cards and expenses through Rho will be the most effective way to run our operation, hands down.”

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