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Take your business around the world for less. With Rho, you can manage overseas vendors, coordinate your global spend, and make unlimited international payments.
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When it comes to pricing,
we keep it simple

USD swift wires
To +140 countries
FX payments
A flat, market-leading rate
for global currencies
Foreign card transactions
Fee-free spending anywhere
Mastercard is accepted

Convert USD

for less.

Avoid high exchange rate markups or hidden fees with Rho’s fair & transparent pricing. Convert at the mid-market rate for a low, flat fee. No surprises.

Save with fee-free USD wires.*

Pay your international vendors with unlimited USD wires to 140+ countries.
*International wires in USD can be subject to additional fees set by recipient, correspondent, or intermediary banks, in addition to the SWIFT network.
  • Sync to your accounting tools for easy reconciliation.

  • Assign all transactions to budgets for clear reporting and cost center analysis.

Eliminate foreign transaction fees.

Say goodbye to fees on international charges with the Rho Card, powered by Mastercard.
  • Travel and spend confidently on the most globally accepted credit card network.

  • Flex your repayment terms up to 60 days.

Amir AAG
“We’re growing 120 percent year over year. We’ve been able to keep our financial system steady thanks to Rho’s scalable platform. It’s cut our workloads in half and allowed us to minimize the time and resources we spend managing our finances.”
Amir Eldar,co-founder and CEO, Anti Agency Group

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Runway saves 5+ hours per week.
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Rho is open to businesses with greater than $1mm in revenue or $1mm+ in equity capital raised. Terms & conditions apply.

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No personal guarantee or personal credit check required.