Combine all-in-one-finance with modern travel

Work smarter, operate faster, and control all your spend and cash with our complete suite of financial tools for Navan customers.

Earn $500 cash rewards bonus after spending $1,000 within 30 days after account activation.

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Corporate Cards
Built-in expense management, customizable controls, and meaningful cashback, to help you run your business better.
Earn $500 cash
As an Navan customer, earn $500 cash rewards bonus after spending $1,000 within 30 days after account activation.
Earn bottom-line cashback on everything from your travel expenses to team dinners.
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Powerful platform, simpler pricing

Eliminate fees, reduce costs, save thousands.
No platform fees.
No cost-per-card fees. No annual fees.
No interest.
No foreign transaction fees. No ACH fees. No domestic wire fees.
No ACH Fees
No domestic wire fees.
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Meet Rho, your complete suite for finance tools to help you work smarter, operate faster, and fuel growth.

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Runway without Rho: “Everything from the UI to paying down our card was really high-friction. We weren’t able to issue multiple cards, and our diminishing venture capital negatively impacted our credit even as we continued to grow.”

Runway with Rho: “Now that we’re handling most of our spend through the Rho Card, charges are automatically debited and reported, and it shaves at least five hours off my weekly to-do list.”

Michelle Kwon – Head of Operations & Finance

5+ hours

Finance operations time saved each week


Return unlocked switching AWS payments from ACH to Rho Cards


ACH & FX fees

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