Rho adds 1Password integration to bolster payments experience

Access Rho Card information for easier online transactions with our new 1Password integration.
Shannen Balogh
February 21, 2024
Product Marketing Manager
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February 21, 2024

With our new 1Password integration, it became even easier for our customers to access their Rho Card information to pay for online goods and services.

Finance teams run faster on Rho.

Control spend, boost efficiency, and earn up to 1.25% cashback with Rho.


Why we integrated with 1Password

Online purchasing with Rho just got even easier with 1Password. 

New U.S. Department of Commerce figures show e-commerce growth is here to stay. 

While not matching the massive jump seen in the first year of the pandemic, U.S. e-commerce spending in Q2 increased for the fourth quarter in a row. Businesses are still purchasing supplies, booking travel, and investing in digital ads with minimal signs of slowing. 

With our new integration, 1Password and Rho customers can now add their virtual and physical Rho card information to their 1Password account in two easy clicks. 

How the 1Password integration works

1Password is loved and used by over 115,000 teams and businesses. To access this feature, we’ve embedded the “Save in 1Password” button in the Card Details section of your Rho account to make saving your card information even easier.

Access your Rho Card information in seconds.

Not a 1Password user yet? Rho clients can get 25% off their first year when they sign up for 1Password Teams or 1Password Business using this link.

How to access our 1Password integration

Storing your Rho Card data in 1Password makes purchasing online faster and easier. 

Once you’ve installed the 1Password browser extension, when you go to buy something online, you will be prompted to autofill card detail fields with your Rho card information saved in your 1Password vault. 

Simply click the Rho Card you wish to use, and you’re good to go – it’s as simple as that.

Wrap-up: Try Rho's 1Password integration today

No more time spent looking for the Rho Card in the wallet you’ve used 1000s of times just to purchase a new round of Google Ads. 

For e-commerce to continue its growth trajectory, purchasing has to be made easier with every passing day. Our new 1Password integration aims to help Rho customers take the stress and friction out of making simple online purchases. 

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