Introducing Rho SMS and email notifications

Collecting receipts from your employees just got easier.
Shannen Balogh
Product Marketing Manager
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February 9, 2024

You asked, we listened. Chasing colleagues for receipts isn’t fun for anyone. So it’s no surprise that easier ways to attach receipts to transactions has been one of our top feature requests. Now, you can say goodbye to manually uploading receipts during the month-end scramble.

Rho is excited to announce today that all card holders can now instantly attach receipts to their transactions via text and email.

Finance teams run faster on Rho.

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How Rho SMS and email notifications work

We’ve all been there: it’s month-end and you’re sorting through a pile of receipts trying to close out your expenses. 

Now, Rho can send you texts or emails (or both) each time you spend with your Rho Card, reminding you to send in a receipt when it’s most convenient. Simply take a photo or screenshot of your receipt, send it to Rho, and we’ll attach it to the transaction.

For on-the-go spending, like a coffee run or taxi ride, take a quick photo of your receipt and text it in. 

With email notifications, you can take care of several receipts at your convenience, whether that’s at the end of a day entertaining clients or after a week-long business trip. 

Rho cardholders can set up text or email notifications (or both), and can customize settings for each of their Rho Cards. For example, you can enable text receipts for your physical Rho card that you use for T&E spend, and disable notifications for recurring charges on your software vendor virtual Rho card. 

All users can enable and disable text and email notifications at any time from the Card Settings page. For full details on set-up, please see our Knowledge Center article here.

As always, you can check which transactions have receipts attached by logging into Rho and checking for a paperclip icon next to your purchase.

With these new tools, managing your receipts has never been easier. Learn more about the Rho Card, designed to put you in control of your spend.

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