Date14 Nov 2022
AuthorJustin Wolz

Rho with CFOs Ep. 3: The SaaS CFO on Getting Your Metrics Right

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Justin WolzDirector, Communications

In the 3rd episode of the Rho with CFOs podcast, the SaaS CFO Ben Murray joins Rho CFO Jeremy Klaperman to discuss the art and science of developing and measuring the right metrics for your business, particularly for SaaS companies.

Key takeaways:

1. Half the battle is starting the calculation for each of your metrics. Don't hesitate just because you feel the result will speak negatively of the business.

2. Checklists are an underrated tool to help you get your metrics right and to navigate potentially complex processes like month-end close.

3. Leveling up means moving from historical data to forward-looking data. What are your indicators that show your business is working? You can follow Ben on LinkedIn and check out his workshops and other related CFO content on his website, https://www.thesaascfo.com/

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