CFOs & VPs of Finance can focus on the future

Rho is designed to support you.
With Rho’s platform, you can delegate responsibility without sacrificing control. Free up time to help your company plan for the future.
Forecast with confidence
Use numbers to tell your company’s growth story.
Maintain control
Analyze and monitor spending across budgets, teams, and projects.
Drive Value
Optimize your bottom line by closing your books faster with automated AP and accounting syncs.

Why CFOs & VPs of Finance choose Rho

Visibility into all spend in real time
Flexible credit terms with meaninful cashback
Custom permission for multiple user-types
Seamless accounting software syncing
Insured up to $75 million FDIC with the Rho Treasury Management Account
Automated AP, including invoice creation and payments

Tyler Majors
Chief Financial Officer at Native Strategies

“Thanks to the efficiencies gained by the platform, Rho has allowed me to delay an expensive NetSuite upgrade and a senior accounting hire by at least a year. What used to take 30-40 hours of my time can now be handled in minutes, which cannot be understated if you are a CFO focused on strategy.”