How Rho Makes It Easy to Apply for a Corporate Card

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October 18, 2021
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February 21, 2024

Thanks to our innovative platform and personalized service, applying for a business credit card has never been easier.

In today’s competitive business landscape, dependable access to credit is an essential tool for growth. That being said, we know you have more pressing things to focus on than applying for a business credit card, which can often be a long and involved process.

In this article, we explain how quick and easy it can be to apply for the Rho corporate card—with just three simple steps.

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Not all applications are created equal

When you start applying for a corporate credit card, you may find yourself trying to choose the lesser of two pain points:

  • Traditional providers like American Express, Chase, and Bank of America tend to make the application process arduous and frustrating. It’s not uncommon to wait weeks or even months to be approved and to get your card. Moreover, these large institutions often require at least one year of financial statements for underwriting—making it nearly impossible for fast-growing startups to get the credit they need.
  • Some newer, digital banking platforms promise a streamlined approach–but it comes at the expense of service, and as a result the amount of credit your business may access. Not only does a fully automated approach feel impersonal, but it often puts you at the mercy of an algorithm that misses qualitative factors during the decision-making process, which may lead to a lower limit.

If neither of those choices feels optimal, then the Rho Card is likely the best fit. When you apply for a card with Rho, you can expect the best of both worlds (and the worst of neither): a supremely efficient process that leverages the latest technology and adds high-touch, high-quality service. Plus, Rho does not require a consumer credit report or personal guarantee.

How fast are we talking? In many cases, you get a credit decision the day after you have submitted the requested information. Thanks to our unique underwriting process, you will have an opportunity to directly communicate with our underwriters to help them gain a nuanced understanding of your business. As a result, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the high, and more stable credit limits we have to offer.

Let’s break down Rho’s application process into three simple stages:

1. Consultation

A short conversation can go a long way.

Applying for the Rho Card starts with a consultation with one of our Rho business banking specialists. Sure, a one-to-one, personal consultation may be unexpected for a digital-first banking solution, but it’s the best way to get a full picture of your business and its goals.

Based on this information, we can recommend the optimal features and benefits, whether that’s a 60-day float (monthly statement period included) or a one-day card with a maximized cash back rate.

2. Application

When you think about applying for a corporate card, do you imagine a long, complicated form? Not with Rho. Our application process moves from start to submission in minutes.

01 Respond to a few straightforward questions

02 Provide supporting financial information

03 Receive a prompt credit decision, in many cases the next business day

3. Onboarding

Lastly, we get you up and running smoothly.

Once you’ve been approved for your Rho Card, and the credit agreement is executed, your spending can begin immediately. All you need to do is create a card in your Rho admin view. Rho’s onboarding process ensures you know how to issue and use virtual cards (or physical cards) across your team. We also walk you through our software platform so you can start managing your account and processing payments with confidence right away.

Work smarter, grow faster with Rho.

A fast but highly personalized credit application process is just one way Rho empowers you to spend more time on your business and less time managing your expenses.

Let’s talk about how the Rho Card can fuel your company’s growth and how it works with our greater business banking platform to simplify your finances across the board.

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