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American Vintners Taps Into Ideal Cash Flow With Rho

How Rho’s flexible credit terms, high limits, and automated AP tools help an innovative wine company manage their finances




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The Challenge
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American Vintners’ popular seasonal wine packages mean production and purchasing ramp up around certain holidays. They needed a financial partner that could keep up with demand.

With Rho’s flexible banking platform, American Vintners tailors their credit terms, cash back, and payments to keep business flowing and vendors happy—whatever the season.

About The Client
Hand-crafted, specialty wines
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American Vintners is a rising innovator in the wine market, offering more than one hundred products for big-box retailers in every U.S. state. Not just your basic cabernet, these include original wines aged in spirit barrels and seasonal packages like 24-bottle Advent calendars. As their portfolio has expanded, so has their business, with sales doubling every year since 2016.

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The Challenge
Bottled-up growth

American Vintners’ director of sales, Randy Dzierzawski, explained how their popular seasonal products have generated unique business challenges.

“Because of our holiday calendars, we get huge inventory and ramp-up periods,” he said. “We buy much more from our suppliers during those intervals and need extra financial support.”

In turn, they needed a flexible financial platform that could accommodate and make the most of their production rhythms. They heard through the grapevine about the benefits of digital banking and quickly found a solution in Rho.

The Solution
Smoother terms

Now, American Vintners uses Rho’s commercial banking, corporate cards, and AP tools to simplify their finances, especially during their busiest months.

For Dzierzawski, the greatest benefit is the ability to assign cards to recurring vendors—including their glass manufacturer and transportation service—and ensure each is paid accurately and on time.

“Rho’s corporate card has been a gamechanger,” he said. “It’s truly allowed us to build better relationships with our major suppliers.”

What’s more, Rho’s flexible credit terms mean American Vintners can optimize their payment schedules to meet their immediate needs.

“The Rho Card sees us through our short-term cash crunch. It gives us an additional 30 days to make payments and creates an incredible cash flow bridge. We can buy more from our vendors without having to spend out of pocket or look for third-party financing.”
Randy Dzierzawski,Director of Sales at American Vintners
With a note of savings

Since partnering with Rho, American Vintners has also streamlined their AP process by auto-syncing with their accounting software—saving their team valuable work hours.

“Rho provides exceptional convenience,” said Dzierzawski. “All our invoices are uploaded directly to Rho’s digital platform, our payments are automated through EFT, and our controller doesn’t even have to go to the bank anymore. Rho saves us time, and time is money.” The advantages don’t stop there. Every time they use Rho’s corporate card, American Vintners sees tangible 1.5% cashback rewards that grow along with their business.

“The Rho Card gives us a spending limit that’s five times higher than what we saw with our previous bank,” said Dzierzawski. “The more we sell, the larger that line of credit gets, and the more cash back we receive on a monthly basis.”

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Like an expert
sommelier—for finance

Throughout their partnership, Rho has offered American Vintners a constant source of support. “Having a great product is one thing,” said Dzierzawski, “but service is very important to us. And everyone at Rho has been phenomenal.”

“Whenever I have a financial need, I go to Rho first to get their two cents and see if they’re moving into a particular space,” said Dzierzawski. “Even if they’re not, Rho has been instrumental in linking us to other services that have greatly benefited our business.”

The Future
A perfect pairing

As American Vintners expands their operations and portfolios, they’re confident that their partnership with Rho—like the finest of wines—will only get better with age.

“We expect that Rho will become a one-stop-shop for us,” said Dzierzawski. “As they roll out fresh financial solutions, we look forward to integrating new products and creating the most efficient, effective capital structure for our business.”

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